The founder of the company Cpt. Gerhard Rohden, born in Emden, Ostfriesland, in 1936, comes from a family with a long tradition in shipping.

His education started in 1950 and he went through all of the stages of education. He passed his master's exams in 1958. In February of 1960 Cpt. Rohden bought the Christa Thilemann, which he renamed into MV "SEEADLER II". This vessel was sold only after 8 months of trading.

Thereafter he bought the vessel Gretchen with the size of 320 ts which Cpt. Rohden renamed to MV "CASTOR" which he sold in 1965. After selling his first MV "CASTOR" Cpt. Rohden bought the Moni which he again called MV "CASTOR". This ship was sold again in 1969 and was replaced by the newbuilding MV "CASTOR" which was built at the shipyard Martin Jansen in Leer, Ostfriesland. Cpt. Rohden sailed this vessel 'til 1974 when he lengthened and widened the vessel at the Elsflether Werft in Elsfleth, Germany.

In 1974 he also stopped sailing as a master himself and started to build two other sea-river going vessels, the MV "CARINA" and the MV "CAPELLA". Both vessels were designed and constructed by Cpt. Rohden for newsprint paper and steel transport; the MV "CAPELLA" was actually equipped with a lift enabling loading and discharging operations under adverse weather conditions.

Both vessels were built at the Ewald Berninghaus shipyard in Cologne, Germany. The design and building period was rather difficult as during the construction period of the MV "CARINA" there was not enough water on the river Rhine to actually launch the vessel thus it had to be lifted into the water by cranes.

Unfortunately the shipyard went bankrupt during the building period and Cpt. Rohden had to fullfill the task to complete the building both vessels under his own management. Thereafter Cpt. Rohden designed his third generation of sea-river going vessels. The special feature of these vessels was the unusual beam and very shallow draft of this type, allowing a shallow but wide vessel able to carry up to 2.300 ts dwcc up the river Rhine.

Both vessels, the MV "CANOPUS" and the MV "CASSIOPEIA" were built at the Elsflether Werft, Elsfleth, the first one was delivered in 1979, the second one in 1980. After the long tradition with sea-river-going vessels Cpt. Rohden started with a specialized semi-submersible / heavy-lift / roro / lolo vessel; the MV "CALLISTO" which was built at the Husumer Schiffswerft, Husum in 1983.

This ship was one of the most interesting types ever operated by the company. It carried various floating objects that were unable to cross oceans under own power. Also the vessel made various shipments into the lagoon of Hongkong bringing in supply materials for the new Hongkong International Airport or transports of the enormous cargo vans and equipment used in Australia for mining. This vessel was followed by a container vessel, the MV "CAPRICORNUS". This pure container vessel of 750 TEU was built at the Schichau Seebeckwerft in Bremerhaven and it was delivered in 1984. This vessel was sold in 1996.

Thereafter a couple of other vessels were bought second-hand. The next newbuilding series of the company was started by the MV "LYS CLIPPER" being a so-called Rhyn-Type built at the Slovakian shipyard Slovenske Lodenice a.s., Komarno. This vessel was followed by three Elbe-Type vessels, which were all christened at the same time at the building yard in Komarno. Two more Rhyn-Types and three more Elbe-Type vessels followed being built by this shipyard. Inbetween several second-hand vessels were bought and successfully incorporated into the fleet.